2 Rue de Nevers, Paris 75006, France

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"Le Bobo" is an affectionate French term describing a lifestyle that is both bourgeois and bohemian. For us, it perfectly describes the home we have created in this remarkable 6th arrondissement left bank apartment; a home that is truly unique and current, while honoring the traditions of the past.

Le Bobo expresses the appreciation of both the refined and the primitive in all aspects of the arts. Romantic, artistic, richly textured, and a little bit eclectic, with the original traditional moldings and inlaid wooden floors, Le Bobo is a perfect mix of city elegance and Left Bank village charm. Designed and constructed by the building's original owner for his enjoyment and aesthetic; his heirs have preserved this fabulous historic apartment. Recently updated with modern amenities in the kitchen and bathrooms, it provides the comforts of our modern age.

The 3,200 square foot apartment is accessed via a grand staircase or the original 1930's elevator.   Le Bobo is imbued with a warm and welcoming energy. Elegant statement furnishings include large comfortable sofas,  vintage rugs, important art and sculpture, eclectic objects and curiosities.  The well-appointed bedrooms have American king size beds with new mattresses and welcoming linens to tuck into. Everything is thoughtfully curated with the ultimate goal of creating a genuine Parisian Bobo experience.

(view from the salon, media sitting room, and two bedrooms)

(view from the salon, media sitting room, and two bedrooms)